Wellness 90 CEO Mega Pak


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CEO Mega Paks include wholesale distributor sign-up, so you can get started on building your business right away.


The Wellness 90 CEO Mega Pak™ includes nutritional products, spices, and everything you need to successfully follow the Wellness 90 program in the Better Health Challenge. Plus, we have crafted this CEO Pak to include some of our most popular products to help jump start your Youngevity opportunity.


The products in the Wellness 90 CEO Pak include: TMR Total Meal Replacement Shake (Vanilla) - contains six different types of cold filtered proteins plus a variety of nutrients providing you with the healthy meal replacement shake for your Wellness 90 plan. Slender FX™ Sweet EZE™ - to be used as a part of your Wellness 90 program to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and support a healthy metabolism. TrueDetox™ Tea - this herbal tea helps support the body through a natural detox and cleanse; supporting the eliminative system while also providing digestive and immune support. Projoba Pollen Burst Plus Berry – a delicious , grape-flavored energy drink featuring Regeneryll™ Brand SOD (Superoxide Dismutase plus Bioperine™) to help your body combat free radicals and other environmental stresses. Slender FX™ REV™ - a dynamic and innovative fat-burning and metabolizing solution to your weight loss challenges. Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0 - delivers your core, 90 essential nutrients as recommended by Dr. Wallach needed for optimal health. Includes Beyond Tangy Tangerine® 2.0, Beyond Osteo FX – powder, and Ultimate EFA Plus™. Donut Shop Coffee - strictly grown in the mountainous regions of Nicaragua, the Donut Shop blend is bold yet smooth; essential for your mornings when following the REV meal plan. Rebound FX Canister – supplies quick sustained energy while offering a balance of antioxidants, natural herbs and the minerals that must be replenished in order for the body to function at optimal levels! A Sample Sachet Mailer - share the benefits of the new Soothe™, a botanical formula, for those interested in soothing achy muscles and joints. Saveur Spicy Cajun – use this flavorful spicy cajun blend for several REV 90 recipes. Saveur Garlic Mix – a staple for many Healthy Body Challenge recipes. It's quick, it's easy and the flavor is fantastic. Saveur Taco Spice - a medium to hot spice that can add flavor to several dishes. Essential for several popular REV 90 recipes. Peppermint Essential Oil - this essential oil is best known for aiding in digestion. It may help to reduce gas, bloating, and relieve an upset stomach but is also excellent for relieving headaches and stress. Great for anyone starting a new diet. Tea Tree Essential Oil – this essential oil is a powerful immune stimulant and may help with fighting infections — bacterial, viral, and fungal.