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The Problem

You Lack the Nutrition Your Body Needs

Do you think you live healthy?

Surprisingly, the Centers for Disease Control show 76 percent of adults do not fulfill fruit consumption suggestions, and 87 percent do not fulfill veggie consumption suggestions.


Soil Depletion and Our Modern Diets are missing crucial Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients
Our consumption of sugar, fat, and carbs has never been higher while diminished soil, crop changes and seasonal inconsistencies are yielding less nutrient-dense food.
Our bodies are desperate for nutrients but can't entirely depend on our food sources to deliver them anymore.

This is why Youngevity's 90 For Life ™ system was created.

What makes us different?

Our core philosophy is based on the principles and research of co-founder Dr. Wallach, whose 40-year career is dedicated to helping people live younger, longer lives.

Dr. Joel Wallach’s revolutionary approach to health has helped countless people. There are two main parts to the success of this approach. Ensuring the proper nutrition, and avoiding ‘bad foods’ in your diet.

Proper nutrition can be had by making sure your body gets essential nutrients. These nutrients are essential because the body needs them yet they aren’t acquired in our day to day diet.

’90 for life’ is the nickname for these essential nutrients. You can read more about those nutrients here.

Avoiding bad food is the other main success of this approach.

Some of the toughest foods to avoid are differing grains. Grains such as wheat, barley and rye are on the Dr.’s bad list.

Oats are also not recommended, even the varieties which state they are gluten free.

Some people could have guessed that fried foods would be on the bad list and that guess would be right! Also, most cooking oils are on the list. Even essential oils with the possibility of oxidation could present problems.

Youngevity oils have special production procedures which protects them from this problem.

Overcooked red meats are bad. The point of this is making sure to avoid burning the fats in the meats. You can still enjoy a rare steak. Medium rare is also ok, but you may want to cook with something between your meat and the flame of your grill in this case.

Meats which contain nitrates are also a problem. These are common in deli meats. You can still eat these meats but should seek items without nitrates or nitrites.

Also, stay away from carbonated drinks for an hour before and after meals.

Don’t eat the skins of potato or baked potato unless boiled beforehand.

Before you get too worried, there are good foods as well. These include favorites, like eggs, chicken, nuts, and beans. Remember red meat is acceptable also if the fats don’t burn when cooking.

People who have followed these ideas have had much success with staying healthy. This is a winning combination. The right nutrients and meal selection sets Youngevity apart with high success rates.

Youngevity’s provides refined products which are easy for the body to absorb. This means every nutrient gets used when ingested. This is key to understanding the success of this approach to health and longevity.